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245 Stawell Street

A development application has been registered for 245 - 247 Stawell Street, here in the Burnley Pocket.


That is where Dorothy James has lived for well over 40 years. I’m sure many of us know Dorothy. If it is approved, her home will be stuck between a pair of three storey blocks of flats.


The existing block at least has parking at ground level, allowing breezes. The proposed block will include 9 units, with 18 underground car parks and three very solid levels!


There are lots of problems that flow from that, as you can imagine. Light, traffic, garbage collection, etc. It is the textbook definition of "inappropriate development".


Objection only takes about two minutes, and it doesn’t have to be detailed. It just has to say that you think this sounds unfair.


Vastly more information (and the ability to object online) is available on the Yarra website.

Or Email your objection to quoting Plan PLN22/0994.


Objections close next Monday (September 4th). .

The Salta Development (Adam Street)

We aimed for less floors than we actually got (by two), but we did manage to do a lot of good for the most impacted residents.

We also made a noise, which stands us in good stead.

The Maltings (Gibdon Street)

This campaign was a win.

The developers finally proposed a reasonable number of apartments (about half the first attempt) and have already installed privacy screens for local residents.

Golden Square Book Exchange

In January, 2022, Council placed a "remove or destroy" notice on the Book Exchange in Golden Square park. Most would know it as "that modest cupboard in the gazebo".

It is still unclear why this was done after the Exchange had been in operation for well over two years, harming no-one. However, that is what happened. Some quick action from residents, and the assistance of Cr Herschel Landes, meant that the decision was reversed within a few days.

The Cupboard does, however, need a permit, which has now been granted on what appears to be an automatically-renewing annual basis.

The fact that the Ron Pinnell plaque was attached to the cupboard would imply it is there for the long term!

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