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We need Council to prepare a Design and Development Overlay (DDO) for the Burnley Pocket which will address clear requirements for heights and setbacks for commercial and residential developments as well as an overall traffic management scheme that addresses the increase in traffic from these developments.


Then this DDO should be put out for community consultation so we have a clear set of guidelines for development in this unique Burnley Pocket.


90% of the land within the Pocket is residential and the DDO needs to take into account the majority stakeholders within this Pocket - the residents.


The review should include external legal and planning peer reviews as well as consultation with Councillors, strategic planners and urban designers, developers, community groups and identify various strengths and weaknesses of the Burnley Pocket so as not to ruin the area with inappropriate development in what is clearly a residential neighbourhood not a commercial business district.


This process needs to start now. Given that the Pocket is well over 90% residential, and that the residential areas are already tightly (and appropriately) controlled, this process ought not to be arduous. If there is the will, it can be done and dusted within six months.

Fast-tracking the process would mean that it can be completed before any major development is approved and that all future developments can be made in line with an agreed strategy.

However, Council have basically put this in the too hard basket, so there has been no progress.

A group of residents was told by the Mayor that (a) it would take a lot of time and (b) the Planning Minister probably wouldn't get around to signing it so (c) she couldn't be bothered.

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