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Salta Group (Adam St)

Salta Group to develop an 8 storey office block on the corner of Adam Street and Barkly Avenue.

They have every right to do this as there are no height restrictions on commercial properties within the Pocket.

This would have a massive impact on the amenity of nearby residents (the closest within a few metres) and would - even based on their own parking provisions - increase traffic movements in our quiet streets by at least 500 per weekday.

This application went to Council, who approved it subject to many terms and conditions (including a reduction in height from 8 to 6 storeys.

As things currently stand, this will come before VCAT during 2022.

Right now, things are urgent.

We have until March 3rd to lodge any objections.

How to Object

Objections can be lodged in one of two ways.

On your own behalf

You can only lodge your objection online via the VCAT web site.

Key information you'll need :

VCAT Reference number : P11991/2021

Address : 173 Barkly Ave, Burnley, 3121

Some Tips :

  • Your objection doesn't need to be long, in fact it could theoretically be just "I object!". What you write in your Statement of Grounds does not at all constrain what you might want to speak about in July (which is when the speaking will happen).

  • No expert witnesses.

Once you complete the process, VCAT will send you an email containing your objection. For your objection to be accepted, you need to forward this email to :-


If you wish to be able to speak at VCAT, you will need to pay the $20.10 fee and indicate this while making your objection.

The more individual objectors we have (as opposed to the still-valuable Community Objection), the better.

There will be more of a How-to guide available here just as soon as I get get it finished! It is a bit of a process, but not especially difficult.

As part of the Community Objection

In previous years, becoming part of the Community Objection was pretty straightforward... you reviewed the objection, decided whether the lead objector (which would be me, Mark Trescowthick) was a reliable sort of fellow (unlikely!!) and then simply sent him an email saying you wanted to be part of it, and providing your address.

No more! VCAT have now decided - in a move which can only be seen has stifling community participation in the planning process - that each Community Objector must provide a signature.

To this end, we will be having a Sausage Sizzle and signing afternoon on Sunday, February 27th from 5.30pm. Sausages, Mars Bars and assorted other good stuff provided. All you need to bring is yourself and something to drink.


To review Community Objection, please click here.

I - and others - will also be in the park hoping to garner signatures over the coming days.

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